Announcement: Yacon Syrup Reviews: The Truth About The Metabolism Game Changer!

Yacon SyrupBy the end of 2013; we saw a new weight loss trend emerging as YACON SYRUP. Gifted all the way from Southern America, this natural sweetener is touted as an effective weight management and waist trimming tool in the market.

Containing only 20 calories per spoonful, yacon is now being readily used by the health and weight conscious group in baking, coffee and other beverages instead of sugar.


Benefits of Using Yacon Syrup diet:

According to yacon syrup reviews, this natural ingredient can regulate glucose in blood, trim waist, suppress appetite, reduce body fat, delay osteoporosis, improve digestion, better colon movements and increase immunity.

But does Yacon truly deliver all of the above benefits? Read the following expert opinions, clinical proofs and authentic testimonials to find out.


Yacon Syrup Diet in Media:

Yacon is positively received in Media. It has been covered by nearly all major news channel, reviewing websites and talk shows. Forbes just included it in the top 6 most effective weight loss treatments of 2013. According to Fox News,

“Yacon diet is a benchmark in weight loss science since it is proven to ensure trim waist. It’s new year most lucrative weight loss treatment for fitting in that tight mini-black dress”


Yacon Syrup Reviews

The two part diet system, the syrup and pills make Yacon more effective. It nourishes a person inside out. Yacon Syrup is 50% FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) and is being readily used by diabetic as an alternative to regular white sugar. According to TheGuardian,

“It appears that Yacon Syrup, extracted from the roots of Yacon Plant from South America will soon gain the status of mainstream commodity in US. Its ability to taste like raisin while being low caloric has made it very popular with the diet conscious group”


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Expert Opinions about Yacon Syrup:

Read what doctors and certified professionals have to say about Yacon.

“Based on available data, YES yacón is worth trying!”                               – Dr. Mike Roizen

“You can get FOS from all kinds of natural fruits and vegetables. As FOS is the primary content of Yacon, I recommend using it.”                                           – Dr. Garth Davis

“So it seems that people are using yacón, either stand-alone, added to tea, or perhaps to bake with, and are finding it palatable, while losing weight, it certainly would be a cool addition to one’s weight loss tool kit!“                         – Leslie Bonci, Registered Dietitian

“I think that more studies should be conducted on Yacon syrup as an alternative to other sugars before medically prescribing it to patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes.”                                                                    -Dr. Caroline Apovian


Clinical proofs:

yacon syrupWhen we want to know the efficacy of the amazing Yacon syrup, two studies come to mind:

1. A study conducted with 55 obese women of Argentine descent, published in Clinical Nutritional showed that after taking 3-4 teaspoons of yacón syrup everyday for over 4 months, participants lost an average of 33 pounds and 4 inches of waist circumference. They also experienced improved insulin levels, a dramatic drop in bad cholesterol and more frequent bowel movements.

2. The second was a TV research project conducted by Dr. Oz himself. The 60women selected were asked to eat one teaspoon of Yacon syrup with each meal for 4 weeks. According to results, out of 40 women who completed the project:

  • 73% lost weight
  • 14 lost five pounds or more
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • Average reduction in waist circumference was 1.9 inches and;
  • 68% recommended yacón syrup to others



Yacon Syrup Customer Reviews:

According to Yacon syrup reviews, this product is better than rest because of ease of use, sweet taste, low calories, targeted action and overall health improvement.

Yacon syrup reviews

Amazon customers regard Yacon syrup and pill a high 4.3 out of 5. On Facebook it has won over 1 million likes which clearly indicates that Yacon is widely appreciated and demanded.


yacon syrup results“I take 1.5 TBSP of Yacon syrup diet everyday – mixed with plain Greek Yogurt and ground flaxseed and I am losing weight. It tastes like treacle (sort of in-between maple syrup and molasses) and is very thick and sweet. I don’t mind the consistency as long as I keep on losing 2Ibs per week”                                                                                                                         – DZ, Amazon Verified Customer


“The taste and quality exceeded my expectations! It was versatile: I cooked it in recipes and stirred it in my coffee. All day I felt fuller and found that my sugar levels are more stable.”           – Leslie. C  Amazon

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